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Hello and welcome to Little White Oak Kennels! My name is Hurley Combs and I am the owner. I was raised in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky where I began hunting at a young age. My first ventures were in rabbit hunting where I raised several successful hunting Beagles.

Nearly twenty years ago I started a business selling dog training and hunting supplies, during this time I was given a puppy that was half feist and half elkhound, at that point I became very involved with squirrel hunting and trained/owned one of the most successful hunting dogs in Kentucky by the name of “China” who soon became a Super Grand Squirrel Champion!


Buster, Jack & Rosie

I was fortunate to have several other excellent squirrel dogs in my family. One of these dogs by the name of “Brownie” also became a Super Grand Squirrel Champion as well. I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and set out to breed the ultimate squirrel dog. It was a success! I bred “China” with another Super Grand Squirrel Champion from Ohio by the name of “Cadillac Jack”, now I have several excellent dogs! I am very proud of my training efforts with them,  they consistently produce kills on our days in the woods.

I have hunted all of my life and love every minute of it, I can definitely say that training young dogs to be champions is my favorite thing about the sport. A few times a year I do have pups available both trained and not trained.

 White Oak Kennels
Hurley Combs
115 Polly Lane 
London, KY 40741

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